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There’s something special going on at Thornton Little Theatre this summer

Published: Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Pongo's Party

Following last year’s successful show, Marty Macdonald’s Farm is back at Thornton Little Theatre with a brand new show – Pongo’s Party!

Come along on Friday 28 August and join in the party, play in the huge children’s band and take part in the town’s biggest ever game of pass the parcel. It’s perfect summer holiday fun!

Pongo's Party is an interactive show full of fun, songs and games - and features the voice of Justin Fletcher himself, AKA CBeebies’ Mr Tumble, as Pongo the Pig! The show is family friendly and is particularly suitable for younger children.

Created and presented by Martin Parsons (Playdays Live, Sooty’s Magic Castle) and Kate Ashmead (Tweenies, Thomas & Friends Live) and with original direction by one of the top names in children's entertainment, Playschool Presenter and BBC Tweenies’ creator, Iain Lauchlan, Pongo's Party is set on a vibrant, colourful and imaginative farmyard that’s home to a whole host of loveable puppet characters.

Martin and Kate - a real-life husband and wife team who play Marty MacDonald and Sally the Scarecrow - are particularly excited about this brand new show for 2015.

Martin tells us, “We have always been committed to producing top quality, live entertainment that can reach as wide an audience as possible and this one has everything that children could ever want at a party! Plus, thanks to support from Arts Council England and the Makaton Charity, we are thrilled to be including Makaton™ signing in the show, so that everyone can join in the many songs and nursery rhymes they’ll be singing.” He explains, “Makaton is a language of signs and symbols which is used extensively by people with communication or learning difficulties and thanks to Justin’s use of signing in the hugely popular CBeebies programme Something Special, Makaton has become even more widely known and used.”

Kate goes on to say, “Having worked and been friends with Justin for many years – he was in fact Best Man at our wedding – we have seen what a positive impact Mr Tumble's use of signing has had on a pre-school TV audience. We now feel very proud and excited to be bringing a little of this to our theatre audiences - and of course, to having Justin once again provide the voice for Pongo the Pig!”

Come and help make Pongo's Party a day to remember, by joining in a show full of songs, games, fun and laughter – who knows, you may even win the pass-the-parcel prize!

Pongo’s Party is on at Thornton Little Theatre on Friday 28 August at 2pm. Tickets are £9. To book call 01253 887693 or visit to book online.